Saturday, September 3, 2011


Maybe it's being naive.

Or that I dislike assuming the worst in people.

I often down play my paranoia and hope for the best in others.

I throw around my trust freely. But I haven't been hardened by life, and never intend to.

Always, will I have a sense of innocence,that I will never let this world touch. It's mine and mine alone.

As I get older, I know it's becoming harder and harder to keep it hidden.

This part of me has sadly chipped away some, and is not what it once was.

Lies from others have brought me down recently. You presume to know someone until, their web of lies unfold and cause havoc on everything. I broke up with my boyfriend after I realized my state of unhappiness was to much. Months later and I find out, the lies he told every step through our relationship.

I feel played.

Like a fool.

Yet, I'm no ones fool. In the past, in my effort to hide my true self I stumbled in the dark. Made all kinds of wrong choices and hurt myself in a sea of confusion and ignorance.

Now that I carry no shame for who I am, never again will I fall victim to bad choices.

It's hard to love yourself.

But I'm happy with me.


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